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  Text me! 发我短消息!

  English has a very difficult spelling system, and it can take a long time to spell out one word. So, many people now shorten words to speed up the process. This saves time, but it can also confuse people if they are not familiar with the current trends. Also, mastering the language of text messages first requires mastering English.


  SMS slang can be broken up into two basic categories: acronyms and contractions.


  Acronyms 首字母缩写

  Acronyms are words formed from the first letter of several words (such as UN for United Nations). In text messaging, acronyms are used for common phrases. Additionally, single letters may replace words that they sound like. Check out these examples:

  首字母缩写是由每个单词的第一个字母组合而成的,比如UN就是指United Nations.短信里,首字母缩写常常被用在习惯用语中。另外,发声相似的词会被字母取代。请看一些例子:

  OIC- Oh I see.

  BRB - Be right back

  BFN - Bye for now

  LOL - Laughing out loud

  ASAP - As soon as possible

  BTW - By the way

  FYI - For your information

  JK - Just kidding

  TTYL - Talk to you later

  Contractions 缩略

  SMS contractions aren't the same as regular ones like "don't" or "they're", but the purpose is the same: to remove unnecessary parts of words while keeping the meaning clear. Vowels are often eliminated, but you can still make out the general sound of the word. The number 8 sometimes represents the sound of eight, so later becomes l8r. The number 4 is also common as a replacement for the for sound as is 2 for to. Take a look at these SMS contractions:

  短信的缩略词不是指一些约定俗成的"don't" 或 "they're"之类的缩略,但两者的目的是一样的:即当意思很清楚的时候可将一些不需要的词省略。元音常常会被省略,但是你仍然可以保留这个词的大概发言。数字8有时候会发eight,所以later就写成l8r.数字4通常也被取代成for,就像2这个音就替代了to.请看一些短信缩略词的例子:

  Plz - Please

  Thx - Thanks

  Cya - See you

  L8r - Later

  K - OK

  U - You

  R - Are

  B4 - Before

  2morro - Tomorrow

  As you can see, writing this way can be complicated, and you should have a good grasp of English before trying to shorten your messages. Using too many abbreviations will make your SMS confusing to the reader or look unprofessional with your business contacts.


  Can you keep a secret? 你可以替我保守秘密吗?

  SMS is definitely convenient, but it should be used for casual conversations while keeping your audience in mind. You shouldn't be sending text messages to your boss! Additionally, remember that messages sent can easily be saved and retrieved, or even sent to the wrong person, so you may find yourself in an embarrassing situation if you are not cautious! The next time you want to send a very personal message think carefully before you press the "Send" button or you might end up sending your boss a message meant for your sweetheart!




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