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  1.The United States was also one of the very few countries that refused to sign the biodiversity treaty.

  2.A desire for environmental change led to the creation of various political parties around the world whose emphasis was largely on environmental protection.

  3.Destruction of the world's rain forests, global warming, and the depletion of the ozone layer are just some of the problems that will endanger mankind in the coming decades.

  4.Every year, humans churn out 8 billion tons of carbon dioxide, almost all of which goes straight into the atmosphere.

  5.Most scientists agree this outpouring contributes to global warming, which could eventually lead to coastal flooding, extreme weather, and widespread crop loss.

  6.Finally, oil and other petroleum products that are spilled into bodies of water foul beaches and kill sea birds and mammals, such as dolphins and whales.

  7.He said that this was a good suggestion, which he would look into.

  8.Norway is, quite naturally, paying great attention to developments in Europe and in the Atlantic community, which are so instrumental to the maintenance of peace and security in our part of the world.

  9.The cook turned pale, and asked the housemaid to shut the door, who asked Brittles, who asked the tinker, who pretended not to hear.

  10.The food supply will not increase nearly enough to match the increase of population, which means that we are heading into a crisis in the matter of producing and marketing food.













  The Environment in Perspective: Is Everything Getting Steadily Worse?

  Much of the discussion of environmental problems in the popular press leaves the reader with the impression that matters have been growing steadily worse, and that pollution is largely a product of the profit system and modern industrialization. There are environmental problems today that are both enormous and pressing, but in fact pollution is nothing new. Medieval cities were pestholes - the streets and rivers were littered with garbage and the air stank of rotting wastes. At the beginning of the eighteenth century, a German traveler reported that to get a view of London from the tower of St. Paul's, one had to get there very early in the morning "before the air was full of coal smoke." Since 1960 there has been progress in solving some pollution problems, much of it the result of concerted efforts to protect the environment. The quality of the air in most Canadian cities has improved. In Toronto, for example, the concentration of suspended particulates, or soot, in the air has fallen dramatically since 1962.To put this figure in perspective, it should be noted that the current health advisory level for the index is 32.At a level of 58, people with chronic respiratory diseases may be affected. At 100, even healthy people may be affected by prolonged conditions, and those with cardiac and respiratory diseases could suffer severe effects Recently in Toronto, the index has exceeded 32 on fewer than half a dozen days annually.

  Similar improvements have occurred elsewhere in Canada and in other industrialized countries.

  Even the famous, or rather infamous, "fogs" of London are almost a thing of the past. There have been two high readings of particular note in the British capital in 1959 (when the index rose to 275 and there was a 10 percent increase over the normal number of deaths) and in 1962 (when the index rose to 575 and there was a 20 percent increase in mortality). But more recently, London's, cleaner air has resulted in an astounding 50 percent increase in the number of hours of winter sunshine. In short, pollution problems are not a uniquely modern phenomenon, nor is every part of the environment deteriorating relentlessly.

  Environmental problems do not occur exclusively in capitalist economies. For example, in the People's Republic of China, coal soot from factory smokestacks in Beijing envelops the city in a thick black haze. Similarly, smoke from brown-coal furnaces pollutes the air almost everywhere in Eastern Europe. It has been estimated that a third of Poland's citizens live in areas of "ecological disaster". The citizens of Leipzig, a major industrial city in what was formerly East Germany, have a life expectancy a full six years shorter than the national average.

  However, we do not mean to suggest that all is well with the environment in market-oriented economies or that there is nothing more to do. While there have been some improvements, serious problems remain. Our world is now subject to a number of new pollutants, most of which are far more dangerous than those we have reduced, even though they may be less visible and less malodorous. While environmental problems are neither new nor confined only to capitalist, industrialized economics, these facts are not legitimate grounds for complacency. The potential damage that we are inflicting on ourselves and on our surroundings is very real and very substantial.











  Translate the following sentence into Chinese.

  l. No pains, no gains.

  2. We'll be there in no time.

  3. I hate to see animals in cages.

  4. And may trouble avoid you wherever you go!

  5. Wars have never stopped polluting the earth.

  6. I tried in vain to persuade him to give up that idea.

  7. True, reading is far from the only source of knowledge.

  8. I have read your article. I expect to meet an older man.

  9. Don't make your conclusion before he comes back.

  10. Each nation has the right to determine its own form of government, free of outside interference or domination.












  Translate the following passage into Chinese.

  The globalization of the world's capital markets that has occurred in the past 10 years will be replicated right across the economy in the next decade. An international perspective has become central to management. Without it managers are operating in ignorance and cannot understand what is happening to them and their firms.

  Partly because of globalization and partly because of demography, the work forces of the next century are going to be very different from those of the last century. Most firms will be employing more foreign nationals. More likely than not, you and your boss will not be of the same nationality. Demography and changing social mores mean that white males will become a smaller fraction of the work force as women and nunorities grow in importance. All of these factors will require changes in the traditional methods of managing the work force.

  In addition, the need to produce goods and services at quality levels previously thought impossible to obtain in mass production and the spreading use of participatory management techniques will require a work force with much higher levels of education and skills. Production workers must be able to do statistical quality control; production workers must be able to do just- in-time inventories. Managers are increasingly shifting from a "don't think do what you are told" to a "think, I am not going to tell you what to do" style of management.





  1.Because of Canada's abundant production and relatively small population, it is a leading exporter of food products ; these account for 8.6 percent of goods exported, compared with 0.5 percent for Japan, 6.2 percent for Mexico, and 8.3 percent for the United States.

  2.He paid as much for the car insurance as he did for the car itself.

  3.You don't want to lag behind, neither does she.

  4.At higher C02 levels, certain types of plants, such as legumes, are expected to benefit more than others, and the nutritional quality of some crops will likely decline.

  5.In the emerging area of biofuels, the problem is both restrictive tariffs and heavy subsidies in rich countries, which drive up food prices and limit export opportunities for efficient developing country producers.

  6.The right to food is a universal right. It means that every person - man and woman, young and old - must have access at all times to food, or to means for the procurement of food, that is sufficient in quality, quantity and variety to meet their needs, is free from harmful substances and is acceptable to their culture.

  7.Red-light running has always been regarded as a minor wrong, and so it has never been taken seriously. When the violation becomes habitual, however, a great deal more than a traffic problem is involved.

  8.States have the primary duty for the realization of the right to food. They must take steps, to the maximum of their available resources, to realize progressively the full enjoyment of the right of every person to adequate food, without discrimination of any kind.

  9.Why do food prices keep on rising, when there seems to be much more food? Is the abundance only temporary, or has it come to stay?

  10. In agriculture-based countries - home to 4,17 million rural people, 170 million of who live on less than $1 a day — the agricultural sector is essential to overall growth, poverty reduction, and food security. Most of these countries are in Sub-Saharan Africa, where the sector employs 65 percent of the labor force and generates 32 percent of GDP growth.


  1.加拿大物产丰富,人口相对稀少,是世界主要食品出口国之一。其出口额占货物出口额的8. 6%,而日本仅占0.5%,墨西哥占6.2%,美国占8.3%。









  10.在农业国中—— 4.17亿农村人口的家园,其中1.7亿每天生活花费不足l美元——农业领域的发展对国家整体发展、减少贫困和确保食品安全至关重要。大多数农业国地处非洲次撒哈拉地区,农业领域劳动人口占65%,产值占GDP增长的32%。[page]

  1. You may say that the Japanese agriculture is 20 times as efficient as the American. .

  2. Since the 1940s, the population of our country has increased by 200%.

  3. The magnetic levitation train is six times as fast as the ordinary train.

  4. The GNP of our country has increased by 300% since the early 1980s.

  5. In 2006, the increment of agriculture in the GDP came to 2470 billion yuan. Calculated according to constant prices, the growth rate stood at 5.0 percent, showing a stable growth tendency.

  6. About 40,000 people work in the fishing industry, where the catch averages l,000,000 tons yearly. The average British eats approximately four times as much fish each year as the average American.

  7. In the 58 years from 1949 to 2007 the sown area of wheat in Henan Province increased by 21. 24%, the total output 8. 8 times, and the yield 7. 1 times.

  8. The question of what is to be done to control population growth is no longer a matter of one country alone. It is a problem of international concern.

  9. According to statistics from the Agricultural Bureau of Heilongjiang Province, land growing organic or residue-free crops in 2007 reached 3. 12 million hectares, 12. 8 percent more than the year before.

  10. In 2005 China's forest coverage was raised to 18. 2 percent, and the urban green rate to 35 percent.



  2.上世纪四十年代以来,我国的人口增长了200 010。

  3.磁悬浮列车(magnetic levitation train)的速度是普通列车的六倍。








  Enhance China-Africa Unity and Cooperation to Build a Harmonious World

  The Chinese are a peace-loving nation. We believe in cooperation and harmony among nations, and we hold that the strong and the rich should not bully the weak and the poor. Six hundred years ago, Zheng He, a famed Chinese navigator of the Ming Dynasty, headed a large convoy which sailed across the ocean and reached the east coast of Africa four times. They brought to the African people a message of peace and goodwill, not swords, guns, plunder or slavery. For more than one hundred years in China's modern history, the Chinese people were subjected to colonial aggression and oppression by foreign powers, and went through similar suffering and agony that the majority of African countries endured. From the mid-19th century to the mid-20th century, the Chinese people launched a heroic struggle to fight colonial aggression and foreign oppression, achieve independence and liberation and build a new China of the Chinese people. Having realized this century-long historic mission, the Chinese people today are working as one to make life better for themselves. Because of the sufferings they experienced and the struggle they launched, something they will never forget, the Chinese people are most strongly opposed to colonialism, oppression, and slavery of all manifestations. Because of this, the Chinese people have the most profound sympathy for all other nations in their pursuit of independence, happiness and their aspirations. Since the founding of New China in 1949, the Chinese Government and people have provided the African people with firm political, material and moral support in their heroic struggles for liberation and against colonial rule. China has never imposed its will or unequal practices on other countries, and will never do so in the future. It will certainly not do anything harmful to the interests of Africa and its people. China respects the political systems and paths to development independently adopted and pursued by the African people that suit their national conditions. China supports the African countries in strengthening democracy, the rule of law and good governance. And China supports them in fully tapping their potential and actively participating in international cooperation and competition.




Translate the following sentence into Chinese.

  1.Tickets will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

  2.By the time he had made the journey from Britain to Australia with the submarine, he had become a minor celebrity.

  3.He saw a once-in-a-life chance to grab a gold medal.

  4.While demanding lip service to an impractical ideal, the amateur system has left American athletes to fend themselves in a degrading world of under-the-table payoffs and over-the-table handouts.

  5.The Queen closed the boycott-hit, rain-affected Commonwealth Games in Edinburgh yesterday after Steve Cram had cruised to his second gold medal.

  6.With the use of this chart, those "Yah, ha-ha-got-it-wrong-again" remarks from the weather- conscious public won't trouble the meteorological observatory too much any more.

  7.With point you could make a line; with lines, planes; with planes, solids.

  8.Ancient athletes competed as individuals, not on national teams, as in the modern Games.

  9.Bowling is good for the stone and reins, shooting for the lungs and breast, gentle walking for the stomach, riding for the head, and the like.

  10.Everybody has a responsibility to the society of which he is a part and through this to mankind.






  5.昨天Steve Cram夺得了第二枚金牌,此后女皇陛下宣布因受联合抵制和风雨影响,在爱丁堡举行的英联邦运动会就此闭幕。







  1.He ZhenLiang was elected a member of the International Olympic Committee in 1981, a member of the Executive Committee of the International Olympic Committee in 1985 and vice- chairman of the International Olympic Committee in 1989.

  2.We wanted fried fish, but they gave us boiled.

  3.Either individually or in pairs, boys and girls often recite rhymes while they skip.

  4.Thales thought water was the beginning of everything; Anaximenes, air; Heraclitus, fire.

  5.He has become an oil baron - all by himself.

  6.Grammar deals with the structure of language, English grammar with the structure of English, and French grammar with the structure of French.

  7.Invention is the Talent of Youth, and Judgement of Age.

  8.In 2008 Olympic Games, wushu is not an official event nor performing event, but is allowed to hold an international competition under Olympic Organizing Committee's permission.

  9.If I am interested in people, in meeting them and finding out about them, some of the most remarkable people I' ve met existed only in a writer's imagination, then on the pages of his book, and then, again, in my imagination.

  10.People believed in the philosophy behind the Olympics: the idea that a healthy body produced a healthy mind, and that the spirit of competition in sports and games was preferable to the competition that caused wars.












  1.We are soberly aware that China remains the world's largest developing country, with a large population, weak economic foundation, uneven development, and challenges of unparalleled magnitude and complexity.

  2. Britain's largest manufacturing industry is the iron and steel industry and Britain remains one of the world's major steel-producing nations.

  3.The unprecedented high-level exchanges between the two sides have given a strong boost to the strategic mutual trust and the overall improvement and growth of the China-US relations.

  4. The automobile industry is one of the most important industries in the world, affecting not only the economy but also the cultures of the world.

  5.Being the world's fourth largest exporter of medicines, Britain's pharmaceutical industry has some of the world's largest multinational research-intensive manufacturers.

  6.Ranked as one of the most important industries in Britain, the motor components industry consists of over 2 ,000 companies.

  7.The footwear manufacturing industry is made up predominantly of small companies, increasingly under pressure from imports.

  8.Bio-medicine production, well-knows as a "Golden Industry" and remaining stagnant for years, was showing vigor of growth.

  9. A sound China-U. S. relationship serves the fundamental interest of the two countries and their people, and the peace, stability and development of the Asia-Pacific region and the world as well.

  10.China's WTO entry makes it imperative for enterprises to increase their competitive power, and for industries to establish their comparative advantages.














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